Welcome to the I AM YOU Foundation

The  I AM YOU Foundation is a project and division of the I AM University. Its aim is to offer our loving support as well as financial assistance to under-resourced citizens of our human family.

The philosophy of the I AM YOU Foundation is nourished by the spirit of oneness and by the mantra that “I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME and WE ARE ONE!”

The I AM YOU Foundation seeks to foster this vision of global oneness and this I AM YOU mentality by actively supporting Sons and Daughters of Spirit in need, recognizing that the challenges and hardships of people all around the world are in truth our own - as we all share in the one Sonship and Daughtership of Spirit.

The I AM University is currently channeling a small percentage of its profit into this Foundation. We would also like to extend our appreciation to numerous friends of the I AM University who actively support this vision worldwide.

In the I AM YOU Spirit,
Gloria Excelsias
Founder of the I AM YOU Foundation

Since Christmas 2006 the I AM University has supported Brother Chittibabu in Bhatnavelli, a small village in Andhra Pradesh, India. With the help of Brother Chittibabu our financial contributions were used to buy food, blankets and saris for orphan children, widows and other community membe